XC5409 - Wireless Laser Presenter with USB Dongle

XC5409 - Wireless Laser Presenter with USB Dongle


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If you conduct presentations with PowerPoint or other suitable presentation software, this 2.4GHz wireless presenter will give you portable control of your slides, and a laser pointer too. It provides you with next / previous slide functionality, as well as screen blanking option. It includes a USB dongle for plug and play 2.4GHz functionality with any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer. The USB dongle can also be stored inside the controller when not in use, so you don’t lose it. It offers fantastic range with up to 10m transmission, so you don’t have to be right by your computer for reliable operation.

Laser pointer
Powerpoint presentation controls
USB 2.0
Plug & play
Ergonomic soft-touch design
USB receiver fits inside presenter for storage and transport

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