HS9057 - Phone Holder Air Vent Magnetic

HS9057 - Phone Holder Air Vent Magnetic


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This simple device allows you to easily hold your smartphone in a convenient position (for use when safely parked of course). The mount itself simply slips firmly onto the grilles of your air-vents. You then have two options: use the small (40mm Dia.) adhesive mounting plate, or slip the 40 x 60mm mounting plate inside your protective case. Both mounting places are just a fraction of a millimetre thick and weigh barely 1 gram, so you won’t even notice it’s there. Then by simply putting your phone close to the magnetic holder, it will firmly snap into place. Simply pull to remove! No clips, cradles, or other inconveniences. The magnetic mount itself is also rubber-moulded so the strong magnet won’t scratch your phone (or phone case).

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