SB2942 - Panasonic CR2025 Lithium Battery

SB2942 - Panasonic CR2025 Lithium Battery


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Panasonic® is not a name that you instantly associate with high performance batteries, but we have come to learn that in fact Panasonic® has been manufacturing batteries for many many years, providing OEM manufacturing and strong research and development for many of the big brands you know and recognise. But now they have decided to keep their latest technology for themselves, and launch into the market under their own brand.
With a name like Panasonic®, you can be confident about quality! So if using brand-name batteries is important to you we would love you to try the Panasonic® range.

Panasonic Lithium Range;

Lithium Coin
SB2940 CR2016 1 pack
SB2941 CR2016 2 pack
SB2942 CR2025 1 pack
SB2943 CR2025 2 pack
SB2944 CR2032 1 pack
SB2945 CR2032 2 pack

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