SB2543 - Hearing Aid Batteries A312 180mAh 6 pack

SB2543 - Hearing Aid Batteries A312 180mAh 6 pack


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Eclipse Hearing Aid batteries have a higher capacity than other batteries of same size offering maximum power while increasing life. High drain hearing Aids tend to demand greater air flow. The air management system provides constant air flow throughout the Battery life. This allows battery to access accurate amount of air required, maximizing battery power without loss in performance. As a result, one has a high performance consistent hearing aid.

Supplied in a handy rotary wheel dispenser pack.

Tip: Caring for these batteries is important. When they are not in use, hearing aid batteries should be stored at room temperature. When you’re not using your hearing aid, example, at night when sleeping, leave the battery compartment open so the battery doesn’t drain and fresh air can dry the hearing aid and battery compartment.

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