Cable LSHF-240 10m N/M-SMA/M

Cable LSHF-240 10m N/M-SMA/M


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Powertec’s PLT-240 coaxial cable is a low loss RF cable with a medium sized 6.10 mm outer diameter. This series is without a doubt the most popular choice of RF cable, due to its efficient compromise between performance and cost.

PTL-240 cable provides the flexibility and easy installation of a smaller diameter cable, with the low attenuation and shielding advantages of a larger cable. Unlike larger cables, L-240 can pass 5G and mmWave frequencies up to 31 GHz.

L-240 series coaxial cables are designed to connect externally mounted antennas to a modem or repeater located indoors.

N Male to SMA Male connectors suits direct connection to a modem, repeater, or wireless radio
Ideal for connecting Blackhawk antennas to any Cel-Fi units.

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