MP3319 - 5-19.5V DC 45W Power Supply 7DC Plugs

MP3319 - 5-19.5V DC 45W Power Supply 7DC Plugs


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This universal power supply suits a variety of applications from powering small devices that run on 5V, 9V, 10.5V, 12V or 15V up to laptops that run on 19.5V. Voltage is manually selectable and there are 8 detachable adaptors to fit the major manufacturers’ DC power input sockets, including laptops from Dell, Toshiba, IBM, Lenovo, HP, Acer, and Samsung. The power supply has a slim plug-in design with LED power indicator, reliable short circuit and overload protection, and a generous length lead.
Plug Pack Design
8 Detachable Plugs and 6 output selections
Short circuit and overload protection
High efficiency
Low energy consumption

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