MP3750 - 12/24V 10A Solar Charge Controller with USB

MP3750 - 12/24V 10A Solar Charge Controller with USB


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Intelligent yet lightweight, this solar controller uses Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to control battery charging. With total autonomy, its set-and-forget operation means you can get maximum charge into your batteries from your solar installation without having to worry about those things. It provides all the important safety features such as overload, short-circuit, over-discharge, and reverse-polarity protection. A handy feature is also the USB port located on the front panel, to provide up to 1.2A charging. Very handy during power outages to keep your phone charged without any additional equipment. Charge modes include bulk, equalise, and float charging, and the unit automatically switches to the best charging mode. Suitable for sealed led acid, as well as Gel/flooded type cells.

Automatic charge mode selection
Suitable for 12V and 24V battery banks
USB charging port on front panel
Charging Modes: Bulk, Equalise, Float
Supports: Sealed, Gel and Flooded
USB Output: 5V @ 1.2A

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