MS6113 - 12/24/36V 20A Triple Output Battery Charger

MS6113 - 12/24/36V 20A Triple Output Battery Charger


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Advanced electronic and fully automatic multi-stage battery chargers to charge the starter, auxiliary, and house batteries in your caravan independently of each other. The multi-stage charging process delivers five modes of operation to each battery. This process is proven to extend the life of your batteries and will fully charge your batteries each time you connect to AC power. This battery charger will automatically sense and distribute 100% of the available charging output of up to 20 amps to any one battery or combination of all batteries.

Suits Flooded, Standard AGM, and GEL batteries
Prewired with 1.8m leads for easy installation
100% Waterproof (IP67) and Saltwater tested
Microprocessor controlled
System OK & battery bank trouble status indicators
Energy saver & storage recondition modes

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